—-J. S. Bach’s Prelude from Cello suite 1

Calling card of Bach Cello Suites from my senior recital at UMBC. Pretty catchy if you ask me!


—-Trio Jinx: “Spain” by Chick Corea

This is a live recording of us playing our arrangement of Spain¬†for the legendary Paquito D’Rivera.

I am joined by the wonderful Ledah Finck on Viola and Louna Dekker-Vargas on Flute.

Please hold your jazz-viola jokes until after the performance has ended.


—-Consolation by Zachariah Thomas

Zachariah Thomas is a living composer who I had the opportunity to work with to expand the double bass

solo repertoire. Here is his work entitled “Consolation” that he composed and premiered in 2017.

I am joined by the wonderful Melissa Byrd Thomas on piano!


—-Double Bass and Beatbox Improvisation with Max Bent

A snippet from my Peabody Bass Works solo recital. Always amazing to feel out

musical boundaries and potential with someone via improvisation


—-Black Cow with Lauren Ruth Ward and Band

Some Steely Dan! Lauren is currently running around the country doing great work with her music!

Lauren Ruth Ward – “Black Cow” from Joe Austin on Vimeo.

—-Bottesini concerto no. 2

This is a live recording from my junior recital at UMBC.


—-Ode d’Espagne by Francois Rabbath

One of my favorite pieces to perform!


—-”Sunday Morning”, Live @ Classical Revolution

Having a little bit of fun at the end of my set :)


—-Branch Theory: “I Refuse” NPR Tiny Desk Competition entry

Our tiny desk entry a couple of months after we became Branch Theory.

—-Dittersdorf Double Bass Concerto-Allegro Moderato with the UMBC Symphony

I had the privilege of performing the wonderful Dittersdorf concerto with my Alma Mater.

Solo Strings are fun!


—-Branch Theory: “Chopin Mazurka Op. 6, no 1″ arranged for bass, mandolin, violin:

One day during rehearsal, we decided to just throw on a camera and mic to record ourselves.


—-Love Beats Rain: Clay Gonzalez

I had the opportunity to play this one act opera with my colleagues during my time at Peabody Conservatory!



—-Johnson: “Failing- a very difficult piece for solo string bass”

This was a piece from my senior recital at UMBC that involved speaking and playing bass simultaneously. Whew!


—-Marcus Akins Live Performance “All the Way”:

I met this man and heard his music for the first time about an hour before this was shot. If he suddenly obtained super powers, he would definitely use it for good.


—-Julian Brezon’s “Creative Process” ¬†(

Cool dude, I guess.




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